Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Apple Hunt

The weather here in San Diego finally dipped below 85 degrees, which means Fall is here. We took a drive to Julian to pick apples and sample some apple pie.
Kamenai Yayhaaaa!!

Charley really wanted to stow away in an apple truck... ...but we caught her just in time.
Daddy's beauties sitting together on a bail of hay.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

As promised, Charley braved the open ocean this weekend with a little help from her Grandpa and the dreamland at Moonstone Cove in Catalina.
Don't worry folks, a Coast Guard-approved infant-size lifevest is somewhere on the boat.
Charley and her beautiful, patriotic Mama on September 12th.

The Skipper and his First Mate discussing "wind shifts."
Bearsuit Charley and her Daddy saddling up to take the dinghy ashore for S'mores and the ring-on-a-string game.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swimming Lessons!!

This month, Charley boldly followed in the footsteps of her Dad and Aunt, and set out to become a swimmer. She is the next step in our swimming dynasty.

Here she is, in the smallest rashguard ever made, ready to take on the shallow end at the Coronado Community Center.

The back float is not quite second-nature yet, needs a little work.

She braved the depths like a girl twice her age, and Paige and I had a blast going to the pool with her every day. Next week, she takes to the open ocean. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Charley's First Summer

Charley has been so thoroughly enjoying the So Cal summer that she has been hard for her paparazzi to keep up with. (Impressive, considering she is carried everywhere by the same paparazzi.)

Here she is touring lovely Newport Harbor with her Aunt Katie on her Grandpa's boat on the 4th of July.
She loves boats but this is still her all-time favorite mode of transport.

The lady prefers her sweet potatoes homemade, and would wear them no other way.
Mama's sensible little shopper.

"Sweet Potatoes are my favorite! No, Butternut Squash! Wait, Green Beans. I'll just try them all on."
Good thing for that bib. There was almost a mess.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Best Father's Day Ever!!

For Daddy's first Father's Day, we all went to the park with a picnic basket and the baseball gloves. It was a great time, and we got Daddy to the airport for his "business trip" right on time. Here are some pictures of both of Daddy's beauties.

We think Charley might be ready for food soon, so we put together lox, cream cheese, avocado, and capers on an Everything bagel to get her started off right.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miss Charlotte Goes to Washington

Two weeks ago, we packed up Miss Charlotte for her first Cross-Country flight to go visit Annapolis, MD. Despite our fears, she flew like a seasoned jet-setter and slept the whole way there and back.
Here is the face she made when we told her she was going on an airplane.
Charley got to spend lots of quality time with Chris and Laura Van Syckle, her sponsor-grandparents. Laura, of course, did her laundry and let her sleep on the couch.

Here is Charley taking in the Nation's Capital and the National Mall. Having been born on Inauguration Day, she has a profound sense of history.
Here she is in the background trying to help her cousin Nick finish a platter of Maryland blue crab.

Here she is as the wheels touch down in San Diego again, happy to be home and near her beloved Mr. Flippy Frog.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Charley Bug

These are just some odds and ends from the last few months. (We are told we don't post often enough.)
Babies holdin' babies.
Charley and her Mama

Surprise! Its pink shag.
This is Mr. Frog. He seems to be Charley's best friend behind Mama and Daddy.

Pool Party Mania!!

Our darling Charley, in all of her cuteness, got us invited to an awesome pool party at a beautifully decorated house in the hills this weekend.

As you can see here, she can barely contain her excitement for getting in the water for the first time. (Note: Yes, Paige looks like Wilma Flintstone here and No, this was not a costume party.)
Her highness is starting to warm up to the idea of a little fun in the water.

Considering her drink order from the cabana. "I'll just have a milk."

"No, don't take me out, I love it in here!"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Charley had a HUGE weekend this weekend. She got to catch up with lots of family and friends and celebrate Easter in Pasadena, Newport Beach, and Garden Grove.

Here she is with her Dad showing off her beautiful smile.

Here is the whole Seng family. The smallest one with no hair is Charley.

Grandma and Aunt Katie and Charley all having a nice conversation together.
Charley got to meet her Daddy's good friend Steve today. They hit it off right away, and now Charley wants to meet his beautiful wife, Olivia.
Here is what happened when we asked Daddy's friend Steve to take the family portrait.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Charley Speaks!!!!

As you can see, Charley broke her silence and started talking to us. She talks a lot now, and even though she speaks no discernible language, it was obvious to us that she had a list of demands.

"More polka dots! I want them everywhere, Mom! Get on it!"

She definitely wanted more face time with Mama.

She kisses back, but mostly open-mouthed.She demanded that Daddy buy himself a new surfboard. He kindly obliged.

So, Charley is getting to be more fun all of the time. She talks and smiles and gets cuter every minute. We will keep all of her fans posted!

Sorry for the Delay!

Since we last updated you on our little Charley, she has had some great adventures growing up. Sorry to all for the delay in posting. We are trying to post, but we keep falling asleep in the evenings. (Caring for this girl is exhausting.) Anyway, here she is!
In the last few weeks, Charley has picked up on some of Mom and Dad's favorite pastimes.
This was the face she made when she found out about the Zoo membership.
She got to attend some really fun parties. Here she is all dressed up to party.
She just loves those socks. Won't take them off.
Finally, here's Kelly. She insisted that she get some practice in before holding Charley, and although Koa was not our first pick, Kelly thought it would really prepare her for the worst.