Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Charley Bug

These are just some odds and ends from the last few months. (We are told we don't post often enough.)
Babies holdin' babies.
Charley and her Mama

Surprise! Its pink shag.
This is Mr. Frog. He seems to be Charley's best friend behind Mama and Daddy.

Pool Party Mania!!

Our darling Charley, in all of her cuteness, got us invited to an awesome pool party at a beautifully decorated house in the hills this weekend.

As you can see here, she can barely contain her excitement for getting in the water for the first time. (Note: Yes, Paige looks like Wilma Flintstone here and No, this was not a costume party.)
Her highness is starting to warm up to the idea of a little fun in the water.

Considering her drink order from the cabana. "I'll just have a milk."

"No, don't take me out, I love it in here!"