Sunday, March 22, 2009

Charley Speaks!!!!

As you can see, Charley broke her silence and started talking to us. She talks a lot now, and even though she speaks no discernible language, it was obvious to us that she had a list of demands.

"More polka dots! I want them everywhere, Mom! Get on it!"

She definitely wanted more face time with Mama.

She kisses back, but mostly open-mouthed.She demanded that Daddy buy himself a new surfboard. He kindly obliged.

So, Charley is getting to be more fun all of the time. She talks and smiles and gets cuter every minute. We will keep all of her fans posted!

Sorry for the Delay!

Since we last updated you on our little Charley, she has had some great adventures growing up. Sorry to all for the delay in posting. We are trying to post, but we keep falling asleep in the evenings. (Caring for this girl is exhausting.) Anyway, here she is!
In the last few weeks, Charley has picked up on some of Mom and Dad's favorite pastimes.
This was the face she made when she found out about the Zoo membership.
She got to attend some really fun parties. Here she is all dressed up to party.
She just loves those socks. Won't take them off.
Finally, here's Kelly. She insisted that she get some practice in before holding Charley, and although Koa was not our first pick, Kelly thought it would really prepare her for the worst.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Charley's First Zoo Trip

Nana feeding our wild animal on Zoo Day Two.
Ngoji and Tuktu do their best "Paige and Charlotte" impression.

The marsupials have a really good thing going, I found out that day.
Devi the Asian Elephant. (Notice the small ears.)

Charley reminded us of a lot of the animals at the zoo that day-the nursing chimpanzee, the baby meerkats, but mostly the koalas. It was obvious that she fell in love with the zoo that day, and that is why Mom and Dad decided to buy a one-year membership. We are both really excited about future trips to the zoo when Charlotte opens her eyes for a little part of the day.